About Us.

Sarah Levitt MPT

Sarah Levitt, MPT

Bio: In 2004, Sarah received her Masters Degree in Physical Therapy from Oakland University - Rochester Hills, Michigan. Shortly thereafter, she began specializing in treating women with pelvic floor dysfunction. She lives in the metro-Detroit area and is married with 2 kids. She enjoys staying physically active any way she can, which usually includes chasing her two small kids around.

"Initially, I wanted to create this DVD to give some of my patients a routine of more advanced exercises so they can continue at home after being discharged from physical therapy. Then I thought about the average woman that most likely has pelvic floor weakness, and I realized that there are not many exercise DVDs that cater towards strengthening the core and specifically the "floor of your core" (aka pelvic floor). Having a strong pelvic floor is crucial for having proper bowel and bladder function, sexual function, and to give support to the pelvic organs."

Nate Olsen, CPT

Nate Olsen, CPT

Bio: In 2012, Nate received his Certificate for Personal Training at National Personal Training Institute - Rochester Hills, Michigan. He is currently studying for the National Athletics of Sport Medicine Certificate. Nate is driven to teach and inspire clients to reach fitness goals through a combination of proper diet, exercise, rest and stress management. He is caring, compassionate and professional with a reputation for maintaining long lasting relationships with clients.

“I wanted to create this DVD because I saw a great need for it. I currently instruct bootcamp style workouts with the clientele being mostly women. A big percentage of those women are constantly running out of the room during class. I started questioning them as to where they were going and they let me know that certain exercises cause them to frequent the bathroom. This led me to do some research and I found that too many women cannot and will not come to the gym because they are too embarrassed that they will have an issue. Realizing the need for an at home workout that would get them strong enough privately, so they in turn, can comfortably join classes of their choice.”


Renee McCarthy

"In 2013, I was training with Nate Olsen, CPT (above) for both the https://www.toughmudder.com and http://www.ultimatehike.org and wound up with pelvic floor weakness. I found it difficult to workout at a high intensity without having a leaking issue, a BIG issue. I went to my gynocologist who sent me for physical therapy to Sarah Levitt, MPT (above). After my therapy sessions were over I tried to find exercises that I could do at home that were high intensity without doing more damage to my pelvic floor. I could not find anything online that could help me. That is why I decided to create TheFloor, LLC. After doing my kegel exercises I was able to finish Tough Mudder in under 4 and half hours with no leakage. I am walking proof that the Kegel Reshaping Routines on TheFloor DVD will change your life.